How to stop Instrument Panel group boxes from reorganizing during run

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I inherited some older slrtip files. When I run the panel, all of the group boxes reorganize themselves from smallest to largest (size).
I tried to lock them in place through the properties window, however, it did not work. Can someone point out some config reference so I can fix it?
Thanks in advance

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 2 Nov 2020
Hi Andre,
I understand your question is about Instrument Panels created with Simulink Real-Time Explorer, is that correct? If yes, I would highly recommend having a look at App Designer instead (included by default with MATLAB, no additional licenses required) for the creation of custom user interfaces to control your real-time application, because instrumentation panels created with Simulink Real-Time Explorer will no longer be supported starting from MATLABB R2020b.
App Designer offers much more flexibility than Simulink Real-Time Explorer and enables you to design both the front-end (GUI) and the back-end (code). It recognizes all standard commands from the Simulink Real-Time API (see here for R2020b and later / here for R2020a and earlier), which can be integrated in the app’s back-end (code). You can get more information about MATLAB App Designer and try several examples here.

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