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Speed up the minimum search in a third order tensor

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Luca Pecoriello
Luca Pecoriello on 26 Nov 2019
Edited: Luca Pecoriello on 26 Nov 2019
I need to find the absolute minimum inside a thermographic set of data (let's call it hyper_cube) which is a third order tensor, with the structure
  1. dimension one = pixel
  2. dimension two = pixel
  3. dimenstion three = time (time steps)
to be exact the tensor has the sizes of (512,640,3000) and it is loaded from an external mat file which is 1.4 GByte big.
I need to retrieve the absolute minimum but using the "traditional":
abs_min = min(min(hyper_cube(:)));
search takes up to 1 minutes and 30 seconds. I was wondering if there is a way to speed up this search.
  • I am working with MATLAB 2015 and 2018 and I am dealing with retrocompatibily since 2014
  • the computer I am working with is a DELL Latitude 5480. Not the fastest tool ever I am aware


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