Property of gscatter information needed

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Hi Team,
i am new to matlab and i know about the property of scatter as "XDATA, YDATA , ZDATA etc
question :
  1. could you please do help me out what is the 3rd property of gscatter ?

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Luna on 27 Nov 2019
Edited: Luna on 27 Nov 2019
Have you read that?
you don't have to mention a 'Name','Value' pair argument inputs for gscatter. It works like that:
gscatter(x,y,g). x and y is a same size vector and g is a grouping vector already.
Here is a demo:
x = rand(10,1);
y = rand(10,1);
g = [ones(5,1); ones(5,1)*2]; % first 5 values group number 1, last 5 values group number 2;
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Nov 2019
You said this question came because , i want to gscatter to the existing figure instaed of opening new figure each time.
If you are having an issue where it keeps opening new figure() objects to plot into, then the difficulty is that it is not finding a current figure. (It is possible to end up with no figure in focus even though there are multiple figures.)
However, if the problem is that for reasons such as efficiency, you want to update the graphics created by gscatter() without calling gscatter() again, then if you want to change the grouping, there is no way to do that. There is no gscatter() object that holds the grouping information: gscatter() creates line() objects and puts all of the points that belong to the same group in the same line() object. You would have to manipulate the line object to change the groupings.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Nov 2019
There is no "Z" or third dimension for gscatter(). It's only x and y, NOT z.
The third input is what "group" the (x,y) points belong to, and that determines what color they get plotted in. For example group 1 appears with red markers and group 2 appears with green markers, or whatever.
If you want color with 3 dimensions (x, y, and z), I suggest you use plot3().
SatyaPrakash Gupta
SatyaPrakash Gupta on 28 Nov 2019
I have resolved it with the help of set(groot,'CurrentFigure',spawning_figure)
as i wanted to gscatter into the same figure.
thank you very very much for your support and quick response.
thank you again

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