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How can I download EN50065 PLC standard documentation.

Asked by chirawat
on 30 Sep 2012

Sorry for this question is not related about MATLAB. I have been working with low speed power line communication as my graduate project. My problem is I cannot find EN50065-1 document because I use this standard as reference.

I found a lot of thesis that use this standard and I has tried to find this document from their reference. Finally I found this site.,FSP_PROJECT,FSP_LANG_ID:821,22484,25

But unfortunately it seems to accessible for who already be member. That why I'm here, please give me some direction to get this documentation.

Best regards, Chirawat Na-ngam. (Thailand)


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 30 Sep 2012
 Accepted Answer

ISO standards most often have to be purchased, and tend to be expensive. You might be able to get your institution library to buy it for you, or they might already have access through some licensing agreement.

To purchase, see

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Thanks Walter Roberson a lot, That mean I have to pay for it. Now I got idea to use standard which use in my country.

Thanks for you kindness, Chirawat

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