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Change ylim to leave appropriate white space

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Lee on 4 Dec 2019
Commented: dpb on 5 Dec 2019
I am making a boxplot where I omit showing the outliers due to one value being way off the mark. When I produce the boxplot the yaxis maximum value is still including the non-plotted outlier points. Besides manually setting the ymax by using the ylim function or changing the data set to remove the outliers, how else can I get Matlab to auto change the yaxis range based on the upper whisker value plus some white space?

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dpb on 5 Dec 2019
Automagically, you can't--autoranging is what it is--covers the data on the axis.
You can write some logic to evaluate the data you're plotting and have it do the testing and reset ylim based on what it finds, but that's best can do...

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