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Changing an RL agent's action specification

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Hugh Dolden
Hugh Dolden on 10 Dec 2019
Edited: Hugh Dolden on 13 Dec 2019
Can the range of an RL agent's Action specification be changed within the step function?
In my problem, the range of discrete Actions is (1:32)
Each Action can only be used once except for Action 1.
As each Action is used I would like to remove it from the Action space until the only Action 1 remains.
I currently end an episode if the step function is called with an Action that was used previously.
The Reward returned is 1 if step is called with a new Action and -1 if any of the following 3 constraints is satisfied.
  1. Action Sequence: [..., 1, 1, ...]
  2. Action Sequence: [..., Action_N, ..., Action_N, ...]
  3. Sum(Weights([Action_1, ..., Action_N]) > 100 where Action Sequence = [..., 1, Action_1, ... Action_N, 1, ...]
If any of the three constraints is satisfied, the episode is terminated.
My question addresses Constraint 2.


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