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How can I get adjacency matrix from the interconnection pairs?

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Jaykumar Vaidya
Jaykumar Vaidya on 31 Dec 2019
Commented: Jaykumar Vaidya on 3 Jan 2020
​I have the matrix (matrix.xlsx) as attached below. This matrix.xlsx has all interconnection between nodes and corresponding weights. I want to construct an adjacency matrix from this. I know this could be easy when we use the below code:​
Graph = digraph(matrix(:,1),matrix(:,2),matrix(:,3));
A = adjacency(Graph,'weighted');
B = full(A);
But I always get the B matrix to be SizeX^2 x SizeY^2.
Lets say SizeX = 51 and SizeY = 51 (as in this case). Then the order of the fig c matrix must be 51x51 with the data values filled by corresponding weights. But if I use the above method I get the order of fig c matrix to be 2601x2601 (=51*51x51*51). I am unable to get the below part fixed. Please suggest me some solutions. Thanks in advance. I have attached the matrix.xlsx file below.


Jalaj Gambhir
Jalaj Gambhir on 3 Jan 2020
The file that you have shared is a graph with 2601 nodes. And 5000 edges. The adjacency matrix is bound to be of 2601x2601. Can you elaborate on how you'd expect the matrix in Fig c as of size 51x51

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