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App Designer - ListBox Tooltip for too long entries not there any more in 2019b

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Tim P
Tim P on 7 Jan 2020
Edited: Tim P on 9 Jan 2020
I made an app with App Designer in Matlab 2018a. Now I swichtched to 2019b.
In my app are a lot of list boxes with entries that are too long for showing it completely. In 2018a too long entries ended with "..." and if you hover over it, a tooltip appeared, that showed the full entry text.
Now in 2019b this is not the case any more. I tried all the options in the graphic version of the app designer, but could not solve the problem. I want to avoid useless scrolling to the right and left. So I want the tooltips back.
Is there any way to get a tooltip in 2019b , like in the 2018a app designer?
Thank you!
2018a (too long entries with three dots, and if you hover over an entry, you see the full text):
2019b (text just cut, but therefore the scrollbar is there, hovering not possible):


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Cameron B
Cameron B on 7 Jan 2020
How did you originally get the tooltip to specify only the line you're hovering on in 2018a? The only way I know is to use mouse wheel movement callbacks, but maybe there's another method. Every time I use tooltip it just shows the entire contents of the tooltip cell array.


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Tim P
Tim P on 9 Jan 2020
thanks for this idea! It kind of works, but as you mentioned it is a little bit unhandy.
In my app I have long lists and don't want the user to klick everytime while scrolling through the list.
The code above is my full .mlapp-File that I used for the screenshots above. In 2018a this tooltip for too long contents appeared automatically. My whole app depends on that feature, since I don't have much space for the Lists, and the List Entries are pretty long. So I can not understand, why a feature that was there in 2018a is not any more there in 2019b. Just one tick in the App Designer GUI would be enough that says something like "Crop long entries and show full content if mouseover".
It seems that I have to switch to tables instead of lists, there is this function still included. But there I have the problem, that the standard tooltip is sometimes hidden by other objects, which drives me crazy (see here).
I don't really understand what the documentation means and how this could help. What is a categorical array, and would this give me the tooltip for only the mouseover list entry?
Cameron B
Cameron B on 9 Jan 2020
Do you need to be able to select multiple items at once? If not, you can use the uidropdown feature instead. This might be easier than all other suggestions which may include java or other undocumented matlab work.
Tim P
Tim P on 9 Jan 2020
No I don't need multiple selection. But the tooltip should appear also if the item is not selected.
What I need for my app: I have a list loaded, and every entry corresponding to a measurement data file. The App plots all of the measurements. If I klick on one measurement in the list, it shows in a table the details of this measurement, such as Date, used Settings, Equipment, etc... But the names of the measurements are pretty long, and for example if I have measurments of the same sample with different settings, the file-names start the same, but end different. So in 2018a it was possible to see the full file-name by hovering over the file name. As seen in the screenshot above (3 dots and tooltip if it is hovered).
By uiDropDown you mean that I should use a drop down menu? Sadly not possible. I need to see all the data names. They are also used as color legend for the plots...

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