How to get a script to only give me the number of elements less than 2?

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I have a script in which y equals 100 various numbers. I was able to sort the numbers in order from least to greatest, but I need the script to give me the amount of numbers that are less than 2. How would I go about doing this?

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David Hill
David Hill on 9 Jan 2020
David Hill
David Hill on 9 Jan 2020
But each time you run the script,
will provide you the number of values of y <2

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Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 9 Jan 2020
Here are random numbers as an example. It plots all the values in blue, finds indices for values less than 2, and plots those values in red.
x = 1:100;
y = 20*rand(100,1)-10;
ind = find(y < 2);
hold on
Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 9 Jan 2020
Edited: Meg Noah on 9 Jan 2020
to display on the console, just use num2str or fprintf
fprintf(1,'There are %d values less than 2\n',numel(ind))

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