How do I find the mean of a binary set for each value of no.1 to7

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Tracey Rochester
Tracey Rochester on 18 Jan 2020
Commented: TADA on 19 Jan 2020
I have a vector row of 5,000 random no.s 1 to 7. I have a vector row of 5,000 1's and 0's as a second vector row. (This represents 5,000 tirials, where every time the random number was > 4, the machine chose 1, otherwise 0). I have put both vectors together in a matrix/array with the values on top row and the binaries on the second row. I have to calcualte the mean of the responses for each of the values. How do I do this please? I am beginner level and need my variables spelled out, to understand them. I think I use accumarray and mean but not sure how to compile the coding.
TADA on 19 Jan 2020
how 'double' generates a 1
What image analyst did there was to generate a logical vector which determines when the value is greater than 4:
b = topRow > 4
b =
0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Next this binary vector was converted to an array of double precision numbers by sending it to the double function
bottomrow = double(b);
Or in a single line of code as image analyst did

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