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How can I make some "standard" in figures using different computers?

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Ander De Marcos
Ander De Marcos on 21 Jan 2020
Edited: Ander De Marcos on 21 Jan 2020
Hi everyone,
I would like to know if is it possible to make same size figures from diferent computers. I have search in the community files which sets figure's properties such as width, hight and figure's font size but when I copy the figure to a Power Point file, labels and unit scales do not appear properly (it seems as if they are cut).
What can I do to solve this problem?
If I click on "maximize" figure, It seems that the problem should be solved. Howerver, the problem continues as it can be seen in the attached images. Futhermore, If I copy the figure when it is maximized, it takes the values of the size and the font size depending on which computer I am using. Can anyone help me with this problem?
Please look at the attached images for a better understanding of the problem.
Thank you in advance
Ander de Marcos


Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen on 21 Jan 2020
If you have a figure open and go into edit -> copy options, what settings comes up? I seem to have more luck copying figures with "Match figure screen size" checked.
Ander De Marcos
Ander De Marcos on 21 Jan 2020
I have checked "Match figure screen size" but the problem continues. The thing is that when I copy the figure I can't see the scale 10^-4. due to the resolution of the screen or something like that becouse I see that the labels also changes as I change the length of the figure.

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