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I need a cod for segmentation ecg signal automatically depending on different times , the format of the time is like this (hh:mm:ss)

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Dhiyaa Al-Shammari
Dhiyaa Al-Shammari on 21 Jan 2020
reading the different times from txt file , the times like this
start_time end _time
15:35:56 15:36:06
15:36:43 15:36:53
15:37:14 15:37:24
15:37:41 15:37:52
15:38:12 15:38:22
15:38:37 15:38:48
15:39:03 15:39:14
I will attach the txt file time, so I want to segment the ecg signal according to the time as mentioned above note we want to exclude the recoding time that the ecg signal that recorded in it , for example the recording time for the signal is started from the following time (115:35:13).
We must exclude the recording time (15-35-13) for the ecg signal,and start to segment it from this time 15:35:56 15:36:06 , 15:36:43 15:36:53 , and so on
Fs=1000 Hz
I have attached two files:
1- data_signal.mat
2- time.txt
% segmentation the signal
close all
EKG = load('data_signal.mat');
% Here I need anyone to help me to segment the signal according to the time that found in time.txt file
offset=15:35:13 % start time for recording ecg
for i=1:39
% we must exclude the recoding time(offset) ,and start from the time that found in te time.txt file
ecgsig{i}=DATA(code : code ) %need code for segmentation data_signal


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