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Table, Popup, Initial Value Problem

Asked by Melvin
on 8 Oct 2012

Hi everyone. Here again to ask for your help. So in my gui I've got a table and a pop up menu and a pushbutton. When the program is ran, Initial values are inputted to the table. Then I would choose one among the methods listed in the pop up menu. Then click a push button. Each methods are different in terms of calculation method in my program's case. But they are in common after each calculation is completed. The table are being updated with new values. In other words, the initial values are replaced.

Inside the popup callback, I did not put anything

Inside the pushbutton callback, I did the "switch" cases of the popup(used first the get handles of the popup---'value').

Sorry for the long intro. So what I want to happen next is that after completing one method, I want to change to another method by directly choosing from the popup. Upon choosing, I want the table to display back its initial values. So whenever I choose different methods, I do not know how to automatically display back the initial values. Please tell me the codes and where to pud these codes.. Thank you very much

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1 Answer

Answer by Julien
on 8 Oct 2012


You can add


inside the pop up menu callback


Hi Julien,

Thanks for the reply. Anyway, I think if you code it like this:


it would not work.

because after clicking the pushbutton, the table is updated to new values. so if you choose again from the pop up menu, the myinitdata gets the existing values in the table. Thus the initial values are not set on the table. What do you think?

No I didn't mean that.

myinitdata contains the default values to apply when you launch the GUI. You should not modify them if you want to restore these datas after each calculations.

It suggests you to store your initial values inside a matrix (or better, cell array), you can save it inside a .mat file, load it inside the GUI opening function (if you use guide). then you store this matrix inside the handle structure (kind of datas.myinitvalues=myinitvalues.)



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