how to control the output device of soundsc?

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Tom Shlomo
Tom Shlomo on 30 Jan 2020
Answered: Jamie Haas on 27 Mar 2023
When I use soundsc to play an audio signal, the audio is played through the speakers, even when the headphones are connected.
Other MATLAB sounds (such as errors) are played through the headphones.
How can I get soundsc to use the headphones?
(I recently moved from windows to mac. In windows it was no problem as soundsc used the output device defined by the operating system)
Tom Shlomo
Tom Shlomo on 31 Jan 2020
It's the same when I use audio player.
I should add that this problem does not always happen, sometimes I can get sound out of my headphones.
I am pretty sure this issue is related to the one described in this post.

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Answers (2)

Can Xu
Can Xu on 20 Sep 2021
Any updates on this issue?

Jamie Haas
Jamie Haas on 27 Mar 2023
This can happen when you plug in headphones after Matlab has been launched.
Running the following command worked for me:
You can see the list of devices that matlab sees by running:
info = audiodevinfo
and then viewing the struct returned to info variable.


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