Why do I see 'Error closing document package: No content type was found for part:/.MATLABDriveTag' when trying to close a PDF report in MATLAB Drive?

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I am using MATLAB Report Generator to make a PDF report for a project that is saved in a MATLAB Drive folder. However, when I close the report I get the following error messages:
Error using mlreportgen.report.internal.Document/close
Error closing document package: No content type was found for part:/.MATLABDriveTag
Error in mlreportgen.report.ReportBase/close
If I disconnect the computer from the internet, I don't see these error messages anymore. What is causing this?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 30 Jan 2020
MATLAB Drive automatically adds a '.MATLABDriveTag' file in any folder that is created on drive as this helps to track and sync files to the cloud.
The PDF report generation involves creating a temporary intermediate folder containing the XSL-FO, which is later deleted after it is converted to a PDF file.
The error messages are due to the unexpected tag file created in these temporary folders.
This behavior can be replicated in other synchronized cloud drives (like OneDrive or Google Drive).
We encourage customers not to generate a PDF report directly in a drive (like Google Drive, OneDrive, or MATLAB Drive) that syncs files and folders with the cloud. Instead, create the report outside of the cloud folder, and move it into the cloud folder after it is created.

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