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How can i make a Cam and Rolling Follower using Simscape?

Asked by Jacob Fackelman on 9 Oct 2012

Hello im trying to model a cam and rolling follower in simscape such as the link below shows.

My current attempt to model this is by using a point curve constraint for the rolling follower body with the curve being the points going around the circumference of the roller. And a second point curve constraint with the curve representing the cam body. I then connected the two points with a shared environment block.

The roller follower is on a prismatic joint to move only up and down. While the cam is on a revolute joint to rotate with a joint actuator providing a torque.

My question is can i use these two point curve constraints, and shared environment block the way i have described and should i be using periodic, knot a not, or normal configuration? Or is there a better way using other constraints or methods?

Thanks this is my first post on Mathworks.


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