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how to make a local variable in the "M-file" to workspace?

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how to make a local variable in the "M-file" to workspace?
function [] = duong_truyen()
% dial_demo.m--Demonstration of dial.m.
% Syntax: dial_demo
% Developed in Matlab (R2008a) on GLNX86.
% Kevin Bartlett (, 2008-06-20 12:03
set(gcf,'name','Duong Truyen');
% Tao mat dong ho.
% Lay vi tri truc toa do
placeHolderName = 'wrapAx';
thisAx = findobj('Tag',placeHolderName); %tim kiem doi tuog co Tag la "pl...
thisPos = get(thisAx,'position'); % lay vi tri cua thisAx
delete(thisAx); %xoa thisAx
wrapDial = dial('refVal',0,... % Val_ diemef
'refOrientation',90*pi/180,... % Orientation _ su dinh huong
'valRangePerRotation',360, ... % pham vi quay
'Min',0,... % nho nhat
'Max',359,... % lon nhat
'doWrap',1,... % wrap _ bao phu
'Value',0,... % gia tri
'Position',thisPos,... % vi tri = thisPos
'VerticalAlignment','bottom',... % duowng thang dung = day, phan duoi cung
'Tag','wrapDial',... % Tag = wrapDial
'CallBack',@wrap_cb,... % goi ham "wrap_cb"
'titleStr','Keo kim quay',... % chuoi dau de (tit) = 'Wrapping' on
'titlePos','top',... % vi tri tit = dinh
'tickVals', [0 90 180 270],... % gia tri duowng tick
'tickStrs',{'N' 'E' 'S' 'W'}); % chuoi ghi o duowng tick
% Thiet lap mau.
faceColour = get(wrapDial.panelHndl,'facecolor');
% Co lai kich thuoc mat dong ho.
% Lam kim quay tuy bien.
x = [0 .55 .4 NaN .55 .4];
y = [0 0 .14 NaN 0 -.14];
% Di chuyen ticklabel roi xa mat dong ho.
% Thay doi font ticklabel.
function [] = wrap_cb()
% wrap_cb.m--Callback for "wrap" dial.
wrapDial = dial.find_dial('wrapDial','-1');
dialVal = round(get(wrapDial,'Value'));
how to make a local variable "dialVal" to workspace?

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Sachin Ganjare
Sachin Ganjare on 12 Oct 2012
"how to include value "dialVal" in block "from workspace" in the Simulink"
You can directly use dialVal directly as it is present in workspace after assignin operation, if I understand your question correctly.
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dong van duc
dong van duc on 12 Oct 2012
Yes, after assignin operation, "dialVal" is present in workspace, but I have a error when I write "dialVal" into block " From workspace" :
"Invalid matrix-format variable specified as workspace input in 'untitled/From workspace'. The matis must have tow dimensions and at least two columns. Comples signals of any data type and non-double real signals must be in structure format. The first column must contain time values and the remaining columns the data values"

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Romany George
Romany George on 1 Feb 2017
Please,help me i have a Matlab Simulink Model which it`s output is Error .This output (error) I have to minimize it( USING GENETIC ALGORITHM ) by controlling three variables(Kp& ki& Kd) which included in the output.Due to this variables I can`t scope the output,and call this output in an M File
Can any one help me please to call this output in an M File. Thanks


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