add grid lines to minor x ticks

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Heidi Hirsh
Heidi Hirsh on 5 Feb 2020
Answered: Payas Bahade on 11 Feb 2020
I am trying to make a plot where my x labels are weeks. I only want to label every other week, but I want x gridlines for every week. Right now I have the right number of x ticks (weekly) since I made the major ticks every 14 days and minor ticks every 7 days (see figure attached). So I think I want to set up gridlines on the minor ticks but I am not sure how to control that.
Thank you so much for any advice!
This is how I am setting up my xaxis right now:
x = datenum('June-13-2018'):n:datenum('Oct-3-2018');
xx = datenum('June-13-2018'):nn:datenum('Oct-3-2018');
set(gca, 'XTick', x);
ax = gca
ax.XAxis.MinorTick = 'on'
ax.XAxis.MinorTickValues = xx

Answers (1)

Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 11 Feb 2020
Hi Heidi,
To add minor x ticks’ grid lines, ‘grid minor’ command can be used. For more details on grid lines, please refer this documentation link.
Hope this helps!

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