Differentiation of the position vector.

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I have written a code for postion of a vibrating system. I am unable to determine the velocity and acceleration from the expression u. I want to diffrentiate u(i) in the same loop and plot it with t. How this can be done? Please Help.
m1 = 40;
m = m1*1000/9.81;
k = 3500*1000;
u(1) = 0.01; v(1) = 0.1;
wn = sqrt(k/m);
for t=0:.001:1
u(i) = u(1)*cos(wn*t) + (v(1)/wn)*sin(wn*t);
t= 0:0.001:1;
grid on

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fred  ssemwogerere
fred ssemwogerere on 9 Feb 2020
Hello, you could make use of the symbolic math toolbox. The page below should get you started:

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