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Add a new row to a table with addrow function

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Megan on 13 Feb 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 21 Feb 2020
Hi guys I have created a table data and took data of it to create different maneuver arrays now I want to create table t and add these maneuvers, the pos and the nr but only the first row (line) of it.
Because the first row is always the first participant, after all maneuvers I will continue with the 2nd line an do on.


Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen on 13 Feb 2020
I don't have the addRow() function for my tables (R2018b). Unless it comes with a newer version of Matlabm you might be using it in the wrong context.
It's easy to add rows to tables otherwise. It mostly behaves like a 2D matrix.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Feb 2020
I notice that you edited to remove reference to addRow() .
The functionality you want is still what I posted the link to at the end of my Answer; several methods are shown there.

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