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How do I replace an image on a graph and replace it with a new image, whilst keeping all other images in their place?

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Sq on 16 Feb 2020
Commented: Sq on 16 Feb 2020
I am making a basic game on matlab as part of an assignment and have decided to do a simple basketball simulation, where a user chooses the power and angle at which to throw the ball towards a net. The path of the ball is modelled in a for loop, in which the initial position of the ball is drawn, then the next position a small time later is calculated and drawn. The problem that I am having is that, because I have hold on, each of the previous images of the ball remains on the graph, instead of there being a continuous movement of the basketball. I was wondering how I could fix this? I have included an image below to help illustrate what I mean.

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Sindar on 16 Feb 2020
ball_handle = fill(x,y,c); %or secondhand through drawshapeNew
ball_handle.Vertices = ball_handle.Vertices + [xtranslate ytranslate];
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Sindar on 16 Feb 2020
didn't refresh often enough; see Walter Roberson's comment for direct implementation in your code. Also, there may be different effects to changing with XData/YData vs Vertices; I don't know. Get/Set vs dot-indexing should be equivalant on current releases, but only get/set works for older ones

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Sindar on 16 Feb 2020
Edited: Sindar on 16 Feb 2020
Depending on how you are drawing the ball, you may be able to update it's position rather than drawing a new one. If not, you could delete the old one then draw a new one:
% set up the static image
hold on
ball_handle = draw_ball(init_pos);
for ind=1:100
% calculate new position
ball_handle = draw_ball(pos);
hold off
What function are you using to draw?

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