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How do you use ./ operator on array of custom class

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I've written a custom class with overloads for mathematical operators. I now have arrays a and b and I want to do element-wise division.
My first guess was that the ./ operator would map the / operator over the elements of the array, however with mrdivide defined I get the error "Undefined operator './' for input arguments of type".
When I add the following code to my class
function r = rdivide(a, b)
for i = 1:length(a)
r(i) = a / b
I get the error "Error using / Too many input arguments" with line numbers pointing into my mrdivide function. My mrdivide function seems to work when I use it on its own.
Is this the correct way to implement element-wise division?


Rik on 18 Feb 2020
@Darova that looks like an answer to me. When moving it to the answer section, could you make it code instead of an image?
I also have a suggestion for the code itself: use numel instead of length. That way this overload will also work for non-vector shaped arrays.
Jefferson Carpenter
Jefferson Carpenter on 18 Feb 2020
Thanks matlab experts, that was the problem. Will use numel.

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darova on 18 Feb 2020


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darova on 19 Feb 2020
Hm, im not that good in MATLAB
Maybe someone of experts can suggests something
But one thing i suggest is defintely preallocation
Rik on 19 Feb 2020
Preallocation is a lot less important when dealing with an array of objects than it is with arrays of native Matlab data types. In this case r=a; could be enough (since you will be overwriting the entries anyway).
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Feb 2020
If you want functions like zeros, ones, etc. to be able to create arrays of your objects filled with the equivalent of 0 or 1 in your class, see this documentation page.

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