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Why a great software such as Matlab does not support some ONNX operators and where and when can I find mfiles for replacing the placeholder layers?

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Hossein Khodabakhshi
Hossein Khodabakhshi on 20 Feb 2020
Commented: Sarah Mohamed on 3 Mar 2020
Even Matlab R2019b does not support, some simple ONNX operators such as ‘Gather’, ‘shape’, ‘Resahpe’ and so on. As a results, the Matlab users have been encountered a serious problems for importing the new ONNX models. It is not good for Matlab as a great software. Does anyone can help me on this issue or is there any mfile for replacing unsupported ONNX operators?
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Sarah Mohamed
Sarah Mohamed on 3 Mar 2020
Hi Hossein,
We don't currently support all ONNX operators, but we're working on supporting more models in the future. If you can share some more information about which models you are trying to import, and where they are exported from, that would be very helpful.
If you are using 'importONNXLayers', any unsupported operator will be replaced by a PlaceholderLayer in the imported layer graph. There are a few functions that can be used to remove/replace PlaceholderLayers, but you may need to know how the unsupported operators are being used in the ONNX file in order to do this.
If you'd like some more help, could you share your ONNX file(s)?

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