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How to show only elliptic region in color?

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Abdul Mannan
Abdul Mannan on 21 Feb 2020
Commented: darova on 24 Feb 2020
Dear experts,
How can I get a plot like below in which no color will be shown outside of the ellipse?
If I use pcolor and I get a surface like below where outside of larger ellipse is filled with blue color that I don’t want.
A part of my code is given here.
pcolor(x1, y1, SS);
colormap jet
hold on
quiver(x, y, sx, sy,'k'); % plot vector
hold on
x2 = x(TT > 0);
y2 = y(TT > 0);
ff2 = boundary(x2, y2);
plot(x2(ff2), y2(ff2),'r'); % plot outer boundary line
hold on
x3 = x(TT>0 & SS == 0);
y3 = y(TT>0 & SS == 0);
ff3 = boundary(x3, y3);
hold on
plot(x3(ff3), y3(ff3), 'r') % plot inner boundary line
Thanks in advanced.


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Accepted Answer

darova on 21 Feb 2020
try this
[X,Y] = meshgrid( -10:0.2:10 );
Z = X.^2 + Y.^2;
ind = X.^2/5^2 + Y.^2/3^2 < 1;
Z(~ind) = nan;


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darova on 24 Feb 2020
Ok. What about my answer? Is it cool?
Abdul Mannan
Abdul Mannan on 24 Feb 2020
Yes, your technique works. Thanks.
darova on 24 Feb 2020
You can accept my answer so i could be happier

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