clearing text filed in app when clicking in the text box

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hi everyone,
I'm making an app that when initializes it shows sample format of the data that needs, for example YYYY MM DD HH MM SS for time vector, I dont want it to be numeric, so when I click on the box and start typing the letters dont go away and I have to delete them. Is it possible that when the user clicks on the box the letters go away so when finish typing dont have to delete the leters? actually the same with numeric field, I have to have a number to initialize the app, but if I want to change it I want the old number to go away when I type a new number.
Is there a "hint" option that when hover the mouse over the field box it shows text?
thanks in advance!
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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 16 Mar 2020
You can use the property "Tooltip" to display the hint instead.

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Subhamoy Saha
Subhamoy Saha on 16 Mar 2020
Numeric field needs a default number. It cannot be blank.
As Mohammad Sami told, you can use the tooltip property to display hint.
While entering values into (numeric/text) edit field you can click twice instead of single click. It will select the whole text and when you start typing the old text will be removed.
You an also use tab key to go to the desised field (if that is convenient to you) and in that case also the old values will be preselected and entering new value will replace it.

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