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Resize Figure for Word report

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Hello everybody,
I'm creating an app that generate a Word Report. I use a function inspired by Word_Example from MATLAB File Exchange. I've just modified some things to customize my report.
But when I use this to copy my figure (this is a part of my function CreateWord) :
figtoprint=figure(1); %opens new figure window
print(figtoprint,'-dmeta'); %print figure to clipboard
invoke(word.Selection,'Paste'); %paste figure to Word
close Figure
I have this on my Word document
Lot of white space and my fig is not complete...
My function CreateWorld is used in my mainScript named ReporActi (at the end). I generate my figure in this script, like this :
'RowName',T.Properties.RowNames,'Units','Centimeters', 'Position',[0, 4, 15, 5]);
Thank you very much,

Accepted Answer

TJ Plummer
TJ Plummer on 17 Mar 2020
Edited: TJ Plummer on 17 Mar 2020
One way to do it is to try different window sizes and when you find one that looks good in Word, simply use the get and set functions with 'Position' key. For example:
1) set a breakpoint after the figure is completed in Matlab. Then adjust the figure size using your mouse dragging the corner. A trial an error approach. use the Command Window to call:
pos = get(gcf, 'Position');
2) once you get the size you like, add in code after the figure is created:
set(gcf, 'Position', pos);

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Anne-Laure Guinet
Anne-Laure Guinet on 18 Mar 2020
Thanks TJ Plummer. But it doesn't work.It seems there is a confusion between
'Position' % Position of the figure named TAB(1)
'Position' % Position of the uitable
I have made this
'RowName',T.Properties.RowNames,'Units','Normalized', 'Position',[0, 0, 1 ,1]);
% In the command Window
>> pos=get(TAB(1), 'Position')
pos =
680 558 560 420
Then after resize manually in the Figure window I get the new position (that I want)
pos=get(TAB(1), 'Position')
pos =
-1919 41 1920 963
set(TAB(1), 'Position',[-1919, 41, 1920, 963]);
I obtain this (that is worst than before !)
Anne-Laure GUINET
Anne-Laure GUINET on 19 Mar 2020
Thanks, I've adjusted "manually" the good width and height and copy/paste ; it finally works !

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