How to sum matrix of different size on Simulink? (R2019a)

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I have this block in my system:
The expected behavior is to perform as it's done on Matlab.
However, I receive this error:
How can I solve this problem?
PS1: I know that it seems pretty stupid. But maybe I'm pretty stupid.
PS2: I searched. Really.

Accepted Answer

Rubem Pacelli
Rubem Pacelli on 20 Apr 2020
Edited: Rubem Pacelli on 9 Aug 2020
I found out what is going on. It turns out that there is a specific block to sum a vector along a multidimensional matrix. These blocks are called:
Array-Vector add
Array-Vector subtract
Array-Vector multiply
Array-Vector divide
It can do any basic operations that I was looking for.

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BobH on 17 Mar 2020
The dimensions must agree, in MATLAB.
Z = zeros(400,32);
O = ones(1,32);
Error using +
Matrix dimensions must agree.
O = ones(400,32);
r = Z+O;
ans =
400 32
madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 18 Mar 2020
BobH if you could see in each thread of the question there is a specific field named Release for the OPs to fill in the version they use.

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