How to detect the inner and outer diameters of one image in high quality simultaneously (0.98M 2168×2072)?

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I have two problems.
Problem 1. To detect the inner and outer diameters in the same image in high quality simultaneously, and the image is 0.98M(2168×2072pixel). After trying by matlab, I just can use "imfindcircles" to detect the daimeter less than 200 pixels.
Problem 2. The circles in image below is not totally circular. As a matter of fact, the two circles are a little oval. Therefore, just thinking the two circles as ovals, I want to detect Major and minor axes of the inner and outer circles in the image.
I just read the other question (, I cannot solve it.
Can you please advise on:
  • Any advice on code is welcome, I am just starting with my project, so I will go in required direct.
  • Providing some Internet links about taking photos by industrial cameras and image processing by matlab.
  • Some cases or Internet links about using matlab as software to do image processing in manufacturing plant.
Thank you, best regrads!
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Andy Zhao
Andy Zhao on 19 Mar 2020
I shrink the image for calculating its radius(or diameter), but I just get the inner circle's radius.
rgb = imread('RingSeal_20200314.jpg');
d = imdistline;
I = rgb2gray(rgb);
[c,r] = imfindcircles(rgb,[80,150]);
%when proccessing with an image of higher properties those parameters [x, y] are changed, althou i havent had success
After calculating by Matlab, the answer is followed:
ans =
line 1
line 2
line 3
10.791631 seconds.
shrinked image

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Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 26 Mar 2020

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