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MATLAB Compiler failed to access specific file

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Anne-Laure GUINET
Anne-Laure GUINET on 20 Mar 2020
Hi everybody,
I have created an app that loads 2 files (csv and xlsx files) and creates a Word report combining some informations from these files.
Everything is ok even in Matlab and deployed app (via MATLAB Compiler)
I would like to add a picture (.png) in my Word report. It works when I run it in Matlab but there is a path error when I launch the app deployed with MATLAB Compiler.
I know it's a path error because I use this to copy/paste my picture :
selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture([pwd '/picture.png'],0,1);
I use 'pwd' that is a nonsense for an 'external' app, but I don't know how to orient my path to the ctfroot.
PS. I know that the toolbox Report Generator is the best way to make a report but I can't use it (it's not free).

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