How Can I change the Layer Names of my Network So I can Import It?

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I'm trying to import a network that I trained myself using this code. This code is run twice. It fails on the second attempt:
classes = ["Parasitized" "Uninfected"];
malaria_alexnet = 'C:\<directory>\malaria_alexnet_step2_accuracy_0.95952.onnx';
malaria_alexnet = importONNXNetwork(malaria_alexnet,'OutputLayerType','classification','Classes',classes);
lgraph = layerGraph(malaria_alexnet.Layers);
malaria_alexnet = trainNetwork(augimdsTrain,lgraph,options);
The reason that I use **lgraph = layerGraph(malaria_alexnet.Layers);** is because I don't want to drop my weights.
However, when I import this network the second time, I get this error:
Error using nnet.internal.cnn.util.validateLayersForLayerGraph>iAssertUniqueAndNonEmptyLayerNames (line 56)
Layer names in layer array must be different from the names of layers in layer graph.
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.util.validateLayersForLayerGraph (line 33)
iAssertUniqueAndNonEmptyLayerNames(larray, existingLayers);
Error in nnet.cnn.LayerGraph>iValidateLayers (line 551)
larray = nnet.internal.cnn.util.validateLayersForLayerGraph(larray, existingLayers);
Error in nnet.cnn.LayerGraph/addLayers (line 190)
larray = iValidateLayers(larray, existingLayers);
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.translateONNX>makeConnections (line 301)
NNTLayerGraph = addLayers(NNTLayerGraph, NNTLayers{L});
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.translateONNX (line 131)
NNTLayerGraphOrArray = makeConnections(NNTLayers, thisGraph, initializerNames);
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.importONNXNetwork (line 8)
LayersOrGraph = nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.translateONNX(modelProto, OutputLayerType, UserImageInputSize, true);
Error in importONNXNetwork (line 52)
Network = nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.importONNXNetwork(modelfile, varargin{:});
Error in sgd_with_restarts_imported_network (line 17)
malaria_alexnet = importONNXNetwork(malaria_alexnet,'OutputLayerType','classification','Classes',classes);
How can I import my .onnx file or change the layer names to something different than what is found in layer graph?

Accepted Answer

Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 26 Mar 2020
For the above mentioned purpose you can try using the importONNXLayers. Set the 'ImportWeights' name-value argument to true to retain the weights. This way you can play around with the layers, instead of importing it twice.
Hope this helps!

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