Publishing multiple files as a toolbox vs just putting the files as a zip on the MATLAB File Exchange

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now that this whole thing is almost done and finished, it consists of 13 functions, 3 scripts and one table. If I want to publish this, are there any reasons to package it as a toolbox instead of just putting it on the file exchange as a zip folder? Are there differences in how the functions/scripts inside are called from just typing in the name of the main script, or how one would open/edit such files if you'd want to? Anything else?
Thank you.

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Anurag Agrawal
Anurag Agrawal on 30 Mar 2020
It's better to package it as a toolbox as it's well organised.
MATLAB generates a single installation file (.mltbx) that enables you or others to install your toolbox. You can share this file via email, file exchange or any other preferred mode. You can attach installation guide, documentation and examples in the toolbox. You can also manage the folder to add to the MATLAB path while installing the toolbox.
MATLAB will also generate a project (.prj) which can be used to modify the toolbox.
To know more about Toolbox Distribution, you can refer this:
There is a video which can help you quickly package your files as a toolbox:

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