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How to classify using PCA ("pcares" function)

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Kong on 28 Mar 2020
I want to do a video classification.
I found some function about PCA.
[residuals,reconstructed] = pcares(X,5)
After using pcares(X,5), Can I classify data using "reconstructed"?
I mean, "reconstructed" is 3600 x 25.
1. After flattening each data, I got 90000 X 1.
2. I have 90 data, so I got 90 X 90001 (the last column is class).
3. Using classification methods like SVM, KNN, etc.
4. calculate the accuracy of the classification.
Is it a reasonable approach? or do I need to use other methods as PCA not "pcares".
When I use "reconstructed" data after "pcares", the accuracy of classification is so low.
Please let me know how to deal with this issue.

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