submitWithConfiguration not working in matlab online R2020a.

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Shreyash Kamble
Shreyash Kamble on 30 Mar 2020
Commented: sujattha m on 12 Jun 2020
function A = warmUpExercise()
%WARMUPEXERCISE Example function in octave
% A = WARMUPEXERCISE() is an example function that returns the 5x5 identity matrix
A = [];
% ============= YOUR CODE HERE ==============
% Instructions: Return the 5x5 identity matrix
% In octave, we return values by defining which variables
% represent the return values (at the top of the file)
% and then set them accordingly.
% ===========================================
Error in submitWithConfiguration (line 4)
parts = parts(conf);
Error in submit (line 35)

Accepted Answer

Tom Mosher
Tom Mosher on 2 May 2020
I am a mentor for Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course.
The recommended fix for this issue is to use the correct set of programming exercise scripts.
There are two sets:
  • One for Octave (it's in the "Programming Assignment" page).
  • The other is for MATLAB 2019b and later - like MATLAB Online. It has the fix required for this "parts = parts(conf)" issue. The MATLAB version of the programming exercise scripts is on the page in Week 2 with the MATLAB Online setup instructions.
***** Other benefits of using the right set of scripts *****
If you get the MATLAB version of the programming exercise scripts, you also get the ".mlx" helper script file, with the built-in instructions and fancy Notebooks-like interface. That is not provided with the Octave version of the scripts.
You also get all eight programming exercises in one swipe- with Octave, you have to repeat the download-and-extract business eight times during the course.
So, please use the right programming exercise scrips - and stop modifying the submit functions. Many students break things when trying that. It's a bad day for everyone.
Thank you.

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Dhanya Sree
Dhanya Sree on 12 Apr 2020
I m facing the same trouble. Could someone please tell me a solution to resolve this

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