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How to use softmax, Loss function(negative log probability) in classification

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I want to classify videos.
After computation of eucldean distance, I want to use softmax and Loss function(negative log probability) for classification.
Can I get some idea to make the code?
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data = csvread('outfile.csv');
values = data(:,1:end-1);
labels = data(:,end);
avg = splitapply(@(x) mean(x,1), values, labels+1);
mean_class1 = avg(1,:);
mean_class2 = avg(2,:);
mean_class3 = avg(3,:);
mean_class4 = avg(4,:);
mean_class5 = avg(5,:);
bend_query = values(1,:);
run_query = values(2,:);
walk_query = values(3,:);
skip_query = values(4,:);
wave_query = values(5,:);
% calculate euclidean distance
euclidean_bend = pdist2(mean_class1, bend_query, 'euclidean');
euclidean_run = pdist2(mean_class2, run_query, 'euclidean');
euclidean_walk = pdist2(mean_class3, walk_query, 'euclidean');
euclidean_skip = pdist2(mean_class4, skip_query, 'euclidean');
euclidean_wave = pdist2(mean_class5, wave_query, 'euclidean');

Accepted Answer

Shishir Singhal
Shishir Singhal on 7 Apr 2020
For classification,
softmax creates probability scores for each category.
since your predictions and targets follows different probability distributions. You can use cross entropy loss for that. It is kind of negative log probability function.
Refer to this documentation for the implementation:

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