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create a vector of all the odds positive integers smaller than 100 in increasing order to save it into a variable

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andres psijas
andres psijas on 3 Apr 2020
Commented: Rik on 26 May 2021 at 12:38
Hi im new student in matlab, i try to do this exercise but i dont understand the thing size, the test asking me for a size [1 50] and say is currently [1 99], the code i wrote was:
odds = 1:1:99
thank you
MUDDASAR AYYUB on 14 Jun 2020
Hi, thank you so much it worked for me. it was quite simple. thankyou
here is the code
for i=1:100
if mod(i,2)==0 && i~=1
odds = [1:2:99]
evens = [100:-2:1]

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Answers (3)

Michael Hawks
Michael Hawks on 3 Apr 2020
You were close. You just need to change one digit from your command to look like this:
odds = [1:2:99]
The '2' in the 2nd position there tells Matlab to skip some numbers, keeping only every 2nd digit.
Rik on 3 Apr 2020
Since this is a homework question it is generally not a good idea to give complete working solutions. You can keep this answer now as it is, as Andres probably got an email notification with the contents of your answer.
The general consensus is to teach people how to solve their homework with the available tools (Matlab itself (trial and error), the documentation, Google, and their brains). Understanding questions and learning how to solve them is a real skill, it takes time to learn.
Also, the brackets are not needed. The colon operator already returns a vector, you don't need the brackets to make it a vector again. You will also notice mlint is giving you a warning to that effect (the orange squiggle).

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Mayuresh Chawde
Mayuresh Chawde on 24 May 2020
That was so tricky questions in assignments you have to be very thougro with pratica online lectures for second that is for even you need to put vector in decreasing order just like that -
evens = 100:-2::1
there you go. You solved it easily

D Deepak
D Deepak on 26 May 2021 at 12:28
j=1; k=1; for i=1:100 if mod(i,2)==0 && i~=1 even(j)=i; j=j+1; else odd(k)=i; k=k+1; end end
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Rik on 26 May 2021 at 12:38
Why the &&i~=1 part? Why are you dynamically growing arrays? Why didn't you comment your code?
And why are you posting a solution to a homework assignment? And why didn't you format it as code?

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