Division creating many columns

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I am trying to calculate the % decrease of air pollution in two seperate scenarios and put the answer in a new column variable
However, when I do this it creates the same number of columns as in my table already, all populated with 0, and 1 column the correct answer.
When i split up this code and do it seperately it occurs during the division step
I am using the following code:
Table.PnC_Removal = (((Table.Concentration_S1 - Table.Concentration_S2)/ Table.Concentration_S1)* 100)

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Apr 2020
Use element-wise division not matrix division.
Table.PnC_Removal = (((Table.Concentration_S1 - Table.Concentration_S2)./ Table.Concentration_S1)* 100)
Note the extra period that's part of the division sign.

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