How to compute several means for same class

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Kong on 8 Apr 2020
I want to use prototypical networks using an average of the same class.
This link is very useful for me, but I didn't find a specific answer. (Thank you so much. Ameer Hamza)
Each class has 10 data (rows), I want to select 5 rows randomly and compute the mean of selected rows.
Finally, I hope to get several rows for same class.
For example,
1 row : the first mean of class 1 (randomly selected 5 rows)
2 row : the second mean of class 1 (randomly selected 5 rows)
Could I get great idea to fix this code?
data = csvread('outfile.csv');
values = data(:,1:end-1);
labels = data(:,end);
avg = splitapply(@(x) {mean(x,1)}, values, labels+1);

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