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Need help producing a volume output from dicom directory.

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Alexander Juall
Alexander Juall on 8 Apr 2020
I am a biomedical engineering student at Rowan University. My capstone project surrounds the task of finding the volume of a spatious gap within subchondral bone. I have tried several volume rendering toolboxes including, the image processing toolbox, volume viewer, and color thresholder. These can all segment a dicom image based on a manually set threshold. However, these toolboxes cannot creat ROIs, meaning that when an image is segmented, due to the grayscale nature of dicom files, the entire image is highlighted. I am yet to find a program that can perform these three tasks, create a ROI, threshold the ROI, and produce an output volume for the ROI. Does anyone know of a file exchange or toolbox that could assist? I have tried creating my own code to perform these tasks. However, I have been unable to interact with dicom images on my own. I have only been able to create a video player that displays my dicom directory. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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