How can I add two sets of results with different size?

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Hello all,
I have two sets of data which are as follows:
T1:1x4655757 dndT1: 1x4655757,
T2:1x45669 dndT2: 1x45669,
The above results are obtained as a result of solving a differential equation on the same T interval but with two different parameters (two different B):
where a and B are constants.
I want to add these two results up (dndT1+dndT2). I don't know how can I do that. Can anyone help me with that.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Apr 2020
I suggest that when you call ode45 that you pass in a vector of multiple times instead of two times exactly. When you pass two exactly, ode45 reports output whenever it feels like it, which could end up being different number of times for different B values. When you pass a vector of 3 or more times it reports back at those times only. You would then get the same length of results in the output and so would be able to add directly.

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