animal video tracking and deep learning

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Boby S
Boby S on 13 Apr 2020
Answered: Aditya Mittal on 23 Apr 2020
I want to track a animal in my recorded video. I tried computer vision toolbox but it is not very accurate for this type of tracking. The recording is from top and the animal runs in a maze. I want to track body and head. The next step is classifying the movements (turns in the maze) in video using deep learning but I do not have a trained network. I am not sure if I should use transfer learning or move to unsupervised machine learning!

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Aditya Mittal
Aditya Mittal on 23 Apr 2020
Since the animal run in maze.
And i have the proper knowledge of orientation of maze frame.
I can simply add a camera above the maze framework.
The camera will give the frames for video.
1. I am assuming since its ur dog, u have a photo of dog.
Now, in each frame, u can simply has to detect that body photo in frame and make a boundary using any unsupervised learning.
2. We can use each frame and see the temporal difference of changes done in maze. And since we have knowledge of maze we can find the movements.
Simply there is no need of much deep learning in this case.
Just simple CV tools and logics will handle it.

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