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unable to get the value of l and m using two long equations. i want find the values of l and m by df/dl = 0 and df/dm= 0. please help me.

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syms l m;
w1= 981*l^(2)*(2-l)^(2)+(490.5*l*(2-l-m)*(-2*l^(2)-(m^(2))+(4*l)+(4*m)-(2*l*m))/2);
w2= (-981*l*(2-l-m)*(2*l^(2)+m^(2)+(2*l*m)-(4*l)-(4*m)/2)+(490.5*(l+m)*(2-l-m)*(-2*l^(2)-2*m^(2)+(4*l)+(4*m)-(4*l*m))/2));
func = (2*w1+w2)/(2*w1^(2)+w2^2);
eqn1 = diff(func,l)== 0
eqn2 = diff(func,m) == 0
sol= solve([eqn1,eqn2],[l,m])

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