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Is there an example how to connect the STRYD Low Energy foot pod sensor to Matlab?

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Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 15 Apr 2020
Edited: Peter Gamma on 10 Jun 2020 at 18:16
Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2) can be connected directly to Matlab since Matlab release R2019b:
There is an example Bluetooth how to model BLE Devices with Heart Rate Profile in Matlab which uses Bluetooth 5.0:
Is there an example how to connect the STRYD Low Energy foot pod sensor with an example model BLE in Matlab for foot pods?


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Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 26 Apr 2020
Here is the answer of the STRYD customer service to this question.
Hi Peter,
Thanks for your question and for your interest in Stryd.
Stryd uses several public and standard data services through both BLE and ANT+. This is the fastest way for your to get access to Stryd data through a BLE or ANT+ connection with MATLAB.
Here are the public services which Stryd communicates with:
1 BLE - Cycling Power
3 ANT+ - Bicycle Power
4 ANT+ - Stride-based Speed and Distance Monitor
Please let me know if this helps, or if you have other questions!
How can the STRYD foot pod be connected through these public and standard data services to MATLAB?


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Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 28 May 2020
But I guess a Bluetooth 5.0 foot pod is necessary for this, and a Bluetooth 5.0 example for strides, which both I could not find.
Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 29 May 2020
Unfortunately, none of the Polar sensors have Bluetooth 5.0 support, neither foot pods nor heart rate sensors. Here the answer from the Polar customer service:
Hi Peter,
I asked our IT and get this answer for you:
OH1 (and Polar H10/H9) are Bluetooth 4.2 compliant so unfortunately we do not have a sensor that is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant.
However, if a device (e.g. mobile phone) has Bluetooth 5.0 support, Bluetooth 5 has backwards compatibility to older Bluetooth specification. Due to this, our HR sensors can be used with devices that have Bluetooth 5.0 support even though our sensors are not compliant.
This Matlab example might not work with any of our sensors if Bluetooth 5.0 is necessary for it.
Best Regards,
Polar Kundenservice/Frank
Polar Electro
The only sensor I could with should work with the Matlab Bluetooth 5.0 example is the Garmin HRM dual Bluetooth 5.0. For foot pods, there is currently neither an example in Matlab nor a Foot Pod with Bluetooth 5.0 support. A foot pod in Matlab can as far as I know only be obtained by Bitalino Foot Pod:
or BeagleBone Blue step counting Matlab example:
Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 29 May 2020
Here is the list of (all?) of the current Bluetooth Smart profiles (personal communication DC Rainmaker):
According to the Polar support, BLE 4.0 sensors can be paired to a BLE 5.0 smartphone. But do BLE 4.0 sensors work with the Matlab BLE example?

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