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plot point at angle

Asked by Lalit Patil on 25 Oct 2012

In this image i am able to find D and b. so, is there any matlab command or logic to plot point D in 3D. Here D is a point at distance and b is angle of that point..


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2 Answers

Answer by PG
on 25 Oct 2012

You can use plot3 command


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Answer by Matt J
on 25 Oct 2012

Use the scatter3 command


no, this is not the thing that i want.. I have only 'D' and 'b' and from it i want to create 3D structure.. surely i have x and y but i didn't want to use it..

Matt J
on 25 Oct 2012

I don't really follow, I'm afraid. If you have geometric quantities that specify your point in 3D space, why couldn't/wouldn't you convert them to the X,Y,Z coordinates that MATLAB functions require?

Aside from that, what "3D structure" are you referring to? Please be careful about terminology, since in MATLAB language a 3D structure could be confused with this

>> s(2,3,4).a=1
s = 
2x3x4 struct array with fields:

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