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Is there an example of an OWON SCPI Matlab script which connects to Owon Oscilloscopes?

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Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 15 Apr 2020
Commented: Peter Gamma on 15 Apr 2020
Matlab supports the SCPI protocol, and Owon supports the SCPI protocol, so it should work that they can talk together. I did not get an answer from the Owon support, when I asked them whether their oscilloscopes support Matlab:
The problem is, that the OWON documentation is incomplete. I described it in the EEVBLOG:
Owon has a very detailed manual for the SCPI protocol for Owon VDS Series oscilloscopes:
Ken Crandall has a similar problem with Rigol oscilloscope:
The Vds1022I is a low-cost high quality usb oscilloscope which should be able to connect to Matlab.
Is there an example code for Matlab available which working?

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Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 15 Apr 2020
The problem is the documentation. Owon has there own Windows software. There is an option to read and write SCPI. But you have to find it first. I described it in the EEVBLOG how to find it. I think it should work now. It is also necessary to write SCPI scripts for Matlab or Python. A manual with the command is included.

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