Collecting and rearranging excel data

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Mikkel Ibsen
Mikkel Ibsen on 16 Apr 2020
Answered: darova on 18 Apr 2020
I have a bit of a nightmare of collecting and rearranging some excel data. The excel data is spread into different worksheets, but have the same numbers of coloums but not the same number of rows.
I need to identify a persons name, and pluck the row of data from each worksheet in the excel file, and combine them into a table arranged by the date, that I then can write into a new excel file.
My problem is that the names are not always to be found in the worksheet, because it shows if they were there or not.
The player names that needs to be made a excel data file for:
Spillere = ({'Mikkel Ibsen ';'Rasmus Skram ';'Jacob Bjarkam ';'Kristoffer Bendixen ';...
'Rune Ott ';'Søren Bjørn Nedergaard ';'Rasmus Hansen ';'Anders Thode ';'Malthe Lund Mortensen ';'Martin Winther Larsen ';'Kresten Mosbæk Gravesen ';...
'Tonny Jensen ';'Thomas Gøtke ';'Mikkel Skov Christensen ';'Magnus Leth Nielsen ';'Kasper Ørkild ';'Anders Fugmann ';'Andreas Laursen ';'Thomas Gaardsøe '});
Spillere = strtrim(Spillere);
If you need to remove Æ, Ø and Å which is danish Ive done it with this:
for h = 1:size(Spillere,1)
Spillere_2{h,1}= Spillere{h,1}(~isspace(Spillere{h,1}));
Spillere_2 = strrep(Spillere_2,'ø','oe');
Spillere_2 = strrep(Spillere_2,'Ø','oe');
Spillere_2 = strrep(Spillere_2,'æ','ae');
Spillere_2 = strrep(Spillere_2,'å','aa');
Spillere = strtrim(Spillere);
Hope someone can help me.
Best Regards Mikkel
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Mikkel Ibsen
Mikkel Ibsen on 18 Apr 2020
Still no one that can show me how to do this? :(

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Answers (1)

darova on 18 Apr 2020
Try this
A = []
[s1,info1] = xlsfinfo('Season 2017.xls');
for i = 1:numel(info1)
A1 = readtable('Season 2017.xls','sheet',i);
ix = ~cellfun(@isempty,table2array(A1(:,1)));
A = [A;A1(ix,1:26)];
B = sortrows(A);
Do you know why MATLAB imports this trash sometimes?

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