uiprogressdlg slows down application

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Øyvind Rørtveit
Øyvind Rørtveit on 17 Apr 2020
Edited: Øyvind Rørtveit on 17 Apr 2020
I have a problem with uiprogressdlg showing the progress in my application. It seems the animation in the progress dialog slows down the application significantly. Timing my process, it takes almost twice as long when I show the dialog. It is not updating the dialog that is causing this, because doesn't matter whether I actually update the dialog, the slowdown will occur as long as the progressbar is showing with any percentage except for 0 an 100. If the dialog shows a constant 0 and 100 %, there is no animation, and then the slowdown does not occur., so that is why I figured the reason for the slowdown is the animation of the progress bar.
f = uifigure;
d = uiprogressdlg(f, 'Title', 'Demo');
d.Value = 0.9;
k = 1.01;
for i = 1:3e+10
k = k*k;
>> Elapsed time is 41.731683 seconds
Change the d.Value line to 0.0, I get
>>Elapsed time is 35.611704 seconds.
In my actual application, the difference is much more dramatic. May be because I am running parallel processing (but not when the progressbar is being updated).
Is there any workaround for this?

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