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problem linking REFPROP to MATLAB

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Sarsarah on 18 Apr 2020
Answered: Leonardo Sousa on 26 Nov 2020
Hello everyone, i have some question, may you guys help me?
so, i was trying to get the value of entalphy and entrophy using REFPROP (for my multiobjective optimization), here the code:
t5 = 6+273; %in kelvin
p5 = refpropm('P','T',t5,'Q',1,'r407c.mix');
h5 = refpropm('H','T',t5,'P',p5,'r407c.mix');
s5 = refpropm('S','T',t5,'P',p5,'r407c.mix');
but i got some error, said that;
Error using refpropm (line 267)
[SETUP error 101] error in opening file for component #-22; filename = (C:\Program Files
i dont why the matlab trying to open fluid's folder, i mean i was trying with mixture, but why it's not opening the mixture folder?
if i used the refrigerant type : R134A (this is a pure fluid not mixture like R407C) it's working but when i used mixture it's not working.
thank you.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Apr 2020
Do you have a refprop license ?

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Answers (1)

Leonardo Sousa
Leonardo Sousa on 26 Nov 2020
I'm facing the same exact problem. Have you found out a solution?

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