Hi, Is it possible that I can get any feedback from a question I created on the topic of linear equations?

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Every year, company X is obligated by NGC to perform corrosion maintenance, and servicing of the Daniel meters, on all the trains located at their offshore facility. However, shortly after last year’s annual service, NGC noticed a significant decrease in production which totaled a gas loss of 53MMSCFD. From the moment this reduction in production was flagged, the trains on the facility were already in service for a significant period of time:
  1. Central Train: 6.5hrs
  2. South Train: 3.3hrs
  3. North Train: 6.5hrs
  4. East Train: 4.3hrs
(as recorded by NGC cygnet software)
Gas metered for this period is 213MMSCFD – All Trains were taken offline thereafter.
Due to the Central Train’s Daniel Orifice plate size, it is said that the amount of gas “lost” is twice that of the North Train. To account for this “lost” in gas and the complexity that exists due to the Joint Ventures on all trains, Company X wants to how much gas was lost on each train during this period.
NB: This question is original and was created to show how I can incorporate linear equations from my workplace, solve the problem in Matlab using the necessary code and thoroughly understand that numerical methods can be applied to everyday life
Matthew Charles
Matthew Charles on 20 Apr 2020
Hi Steven,
Feedback on whether this question makes sense and/or correctly worded. I created this question for a project in my numerical methods class but before I do the solution (in matlab), I want to know whether It makes sense to even pursue. I plan on creating 3 linear equations from the infromation, resulting in 3 matrics. Solve using Gauss Elimination (in matlab) and see whether I can indeed determine the gas lost for each train on the facility
Should I word it differently for more clarity or whether this is fine in terms of comprehension and understanding for the reader?
Additionally, any feedaback on grammer etc is welcomed

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