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Hi, Is its possible that I can get some feedback on the question I created on the topics of Non-Linear Equations?

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Below you will find the question that I have created under the topic of "Non-Linear Equations" for my Numerical Methods course I am enrolled with at university. Any feedback is most welcome.
Please note that I plan on using Newton-Raphson Method and Bisection Method after I have created the polynomial from the information presented.
Non-Linear Equations – Matthew
Company X recently had a successful drilling program where a new gas deposit (Invictus) off the Troll-A platform showed signs of being a promising prospect. However, due to the close proximity of the new find, engineers have decided that a new platform would not be feasible to build. A decision was made to extend the size of Troll-A production deck to facilitate the production of Invictus, due to its present operating capacity being at its maximum. An initial design was proposed to management that outlines a diagonal length of the extension being roughly 15ft, while the combined total area of 125ft2 – enough to accommodate the separation of fluids before departure onshore. Head of engineering wants to determine what the dimensions of the deck extension should be to house all vessels and equipment necessary to get this Invictus online.

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