Is it Possible that I can get feedback o my Question Proposal for the topic "Numerical Integration"?

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Each student in our class were given the opportunity to create a question based on the topic "numerical integration" for our numerial methods class. This questio was created with my workplace in mind, where I incorporate a small issue that exists, and tries to find a solution using matlab.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated, whether it is the question structure, obscurity etc.
Numerical Integration – Matthew
On a weekly basis, the day tank for the engine end of the gas compressor needs to be refilled to ensure that oil is constantly supplied to the necessary ports for lubrication. However, due to the unavailability of a strainer or filter components, sediments located near the bottom of the 55gal oil drum often makes its way into the day tank resulting in clogged lines or sediment build up leading insufficient flow of oil to the engine – ultimately resulting in overheating and equipment shutdown. To resolve this, the maintenance team has asked you to calculate the amount of time the 55gal Oil Drum takes to be emptied, so the outlet can be manually shut off to avoid this issue from reoccurring.
  • Length of Line: 6.5ft
  • SAE 30 Motor Oil Viscosity: 0.34942 lb/ft-s
  • Pressure Drop: 0 (both tanks open to atmosphere)
  • Pipe Radius: 1.5inches

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